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ASESS takes individual circumstances of employers and employees into account when organising a course, for this reason if there is a need to source employees for a specific job with specific qualifications ASESS will provide an employment platform and requirements to assist with the process.

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We provide not just a theory based course, we also ensure that all our courses involve a practical element to ensure that training and accreditation echo real work experiences and training understanding. This ensures that by the end of the course you are fully competent for the workplace and the relevant legal, legislative and operational requirements.

ASESS prides itself on providing an internationally accredited training and service scheme. Whilst currently not providing its own training courses ASESS does source and manage training providers with legal status and R.T.O accreditation to run courses.

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To uphold a high standard of qualification and accreditation ASESS only sources up to date training manuals and their accredited instructors who comply with legislative requirements. We also ensure that all accredited trainers provide a fully hands on experience with equipment that comply with our standards.

It is important that a person is training to fully comply with the tasking requirements. This may include diversifying across training courses to allow for employers training requirements and also greater employment prospects due to accreditation and experience.

Australian Security Emergency & Safety Training

With over 40 years experience in the above areas working from the ground up you get to see how people interact with each other and the way different management styles occur.


  • Army Reserve - Medic / 8 Years

  • St Johns Ambulance Cadet & Volunteer / 22 Years (Officer, Acting 21c Country Division)

  • State Emergency Services / 12 Years (8 types of qualifications)

  • Safety Institute of SA / Nation Safety Council Member Membership & Courses

  • SA Volunteer Ambulance Service President & Paramedic

  • Enrolled Nurse - RAH Trained / 22 years (Metro Hospitals Previously & Country Hospitals Currently)

  • Member of the Australian Institute of Emergency Services

  • Security Institute of SA / National Security Association of Australia Executive